Teaching and learning

PIO has resources to assist volunteers in learning the basics of lesson planning and teaching techniques. There is also information to help them get a better understanding of the Cambodian education system. There are also resources that volunteers can use to record student results and vieew results for students.


For Kindergarten to Grade 6 PIO uses the Let's Go series of books published by the Oxford University Press and supplements that material with resources developed by its own teachers. For its high school classes, Grade7 and Grade 8, it uses the texbook published by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.


PIO follows the Cambodian national curriculum in mathematics for classes from Kindergarten to Grade 8. In addition it offers "Maths in English" classes for older students. This program follows the the Mathematics curriculum used in American high schools.

Information technology

PIO has run IT classes for a number of years. It is now offering students the chance to learn either in one of our IT classes or from our free teaching resources, covering a range of topics including: Web design, programming, Microsoft Office and Photoshop. The courses are ideal for high school students (all levels) and university students. They are also suitable for those who have left scool but want to learn more about IT.


Need to learn about Statistics. Teacher John can help you. In our statistics section you will find information about intoductory statistics, R and data visualisation. The material is suitable for senior high school and university students. The section on R and data visualisation is useful for graduate students who need to do statistics as part of a reseach project.


Teacher John has developed interesting ways for students to learn the basica of accounting. The material is based on the New Zealand accounting curriculum for high school students. It is suitable for anyone that nneds to know more accounting, whether they are planning on starting a business or just need help to learn about accounting.