This page is for volunteers at the People Improvement Organization (PIO) . It is designed to help volunteer teachers that come to PIO each year. The resources that can be downloaded from this page are used during the initial training for volunteers. The curriclum materials found on other pages are used to help them plan and prepare their lessons.
The key to successful volunteering is to ensure that you have the skills and the knowledge to help the children at PIO. These resources will help you gain the knowledge that you need to be an effective teacher.

Your feedback about volunteering at PIO is welcomed and can be done by emailing PIO Project Manager John Thompson I trust that all of you will have an enjoyable and memorable time working witht the children of PIO. If you have already registered please do so

Volunteers from Around the World

Since 1 January 2013 there have been 698 volunteers from 41 countries. All working at PIO to create a brighter future for the children at PIO.
This table shows how many there are from each country.